“Pictures that Capture these Moments With

Celebrities, Singers, Homeless People, Jail Inmates, Clients, and All Walks of Live.”

Celebrity DJ Alison Wonderland

Having a camera moment with Alison Wonderland in DC. She wrote a note for my mom too. How sweet!

Actress Annie Leblanc, Hayley Leblanc, Brooke Butler

Private magic show for the cast after their show in Virginia. How I wish I am also young and talented as them!

Rapper Bad Zach & Actor Hayden Summerall

High five with the duo. I think I did something cool to impress them?

Actor Casey Simpson

He asked me how I did my tricks, so I asked him how he has over 2 million followers.

Celebrity DJ Cash Cash

Was invited to perform some magic for the trio at Jersey. Two of them are brothers and the other is not, can you guess which one?

Celebrity DJ Deorro

He told me his favorite animal is Panda. Can you guys see some resemblance?

Fashion Club

Bringing a smile to all the people and get them together. That’s what I love about magic.

Comedian Fatboy SSE

He told me to just call him “Fat”. I said I am not sure if I am comfortable with that, so I just called him by his stage name instead.

Rock band Four Year Strong

Big fellows. They really like magic.

“I never thought about until much later, but there are not many jobs out there that let you meet with all different types of people: from those with power and fame, to those with nothing to depend on. And the more I become aware of it, the more I appreciate my job as a performing magician and mentalist.

Conversation with the Homeless

Chatting with a homeless traveler after fundraising for their group. He was explaining to me the meaning of his “hobo” tattoo on his right hand.

Pop Star Jacob Sartorius

I was doing some magic on his phone. Quite nice of him to trust me with the phone, especially when he has over 9 million fans. I didn’t look at anything private!

Conversation with the Inmates

I asked them what the jail experience is for each of them, and what they feel about life in general.

Celebrity Dance Jayden Bartels

I told her to hold the cards, that way she would look like a magician, instead of me.

Celebrity DJ Krewella

I used to listen to her songs when I was in high school. It was super cool to perform magic and meet her in person!

On stage with Lenka

I used to listen to her songs when I was in high school. It was super cool to perform magic and meet her in person!

On stage with Lenka

I opened for her show in NYC. We had a great time and the audience love it too.

Magic at the Hospital

This was the first time I performed magic at a hospital many years ago. Low quality picture but high quality memory that meant a lot to me.

Mentalism at a Jail

Just a few envelopes and somehow everyone is completely focused on them.

“I started pursuing magic because of my passion for it, and later realize the passion is only half of the equation. You can only create real magic by truly connecting with your audience and creating an emotional bond.

Celebrity DJ Matoma

Big fellow from Norway. His catchphrase for magic is “Holy Moly!!”

Max & Harvey

This was the first time we met. We met again at California. I gave them a small gift and you will have to find out from me 🙂

Celebrity Youtubers Merrell Twins

Veronica Merrell said we should all take a selfie after the magic performance. So we did.

Celebrity Youtubers Merrell Twins #2

Picture with the beautiful twins after performing magic with them.

Rock band Of Mice and Men

Did some magic with a deck of card and a bottle with them. Sorry I forgot to put the rock hand sign.

Magic at the Party

This picture was taken at an Albanian Party.

Celebrity DJ Quintino

This was taken after performing magic for Quintino. He said this is his expression for “mind-blown”.

TEDx Boston College

Opening speaker for TEDx Boston College. My talk is available on TED.

TEDx North Adams

Closing speaker for TEDx North Adams. Picture taken when performing a magic effect to demonstrate the concept of impossibility.

Comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto

Met Tim at LA and filmed some magic with him. Very funny guy.

Indie Rock Band Two Door Cinema Club & Circa Wave

Was performing some basic hypnosis with the two bands. The expression tells the whole story.

Indie Rock Band Two Door Cinema Club

Photo time after the magic performance