Service and Expertise

“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them”.

Mentalism stage show

David is a magician, as well as a mentalist. Depending on the need of the event, David will work closely with your team to customize a mentalism show that is tailored for the audience and the theme of the event. David has opened up concerts for a variety of high-profile singers, as well as being the closing act for major conferences across the nation. David’s show provides a highly interactive experience, and he always get the audience involved at his show. He believes the best shows are the ones that engages the audience members in an integral way, leaving them with an experience that is long-lasting and meaningful.

Mentalism Act With Lenka
Filming a Close-up Magic Video with Comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto

Close-up magic

David is an expert in close-up magic, and has done magic for major corporations and Fortune 500 companies. He has also performed for celebrities such as Pop-star Jacob Sartorius and Jay Park, Singer Lenka, Comedian Laura Clery, 16-time Grammy winner David Foster, Actress Annie Leblanc and Brooke Butler and the list just goes on and on. Click over here to see some of David’s close-up magic with these celebs. David’s magic is mind-blowing, and is the perfect ice-breaker at events for people to get together! They will also leave with something to remember for a quite a long time!

Keynote speaker

As a speaker, David blends magic and mentalism effects to all of his talks. The goal of all speakers is to deliver a highly educational and thoughtful talk. But it shouldn’t end there. Why is it that we go to classes but quickly forget half of what we learned by the end of the week? By combining a unique magic element to his talks, David not only tells the story, but visually shows it in a way that is both entertaining and memorable.

Speaking Topics

TEDx Boston College

Overcome the Illusion of Fear (short version available on TEDx Boston college)

David became a magician due to a knee surgery in college. He tells the story of how a shy and math-savvy Asian kid is able to overcome his fear and pursue this new passion. It’s easier said than done, but how can you push yourself out of your comfortable zone? Most people don’t follow their passion because it is a risky move without a guarantee of stable income. How is David able to successfully transition from a finance degree into becoming an expert magician and mentalist? What are his risks and possible failures along the way? This talk chronicles David’s unconventional magician journey, and sheds lights to those that are eager to learn about how to live and work passionately.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

Live in the World of Possibility, not the World of Reality (short version available on TEDx North Adams)

Magic is the art of possibilities, and it is exactly what fascinates David into learning the art. Every magic trick shows you something that is seemingly impossible. It’s about defying the odds, doing things that statistically don’t make any sense. There is no magic if it’s easy to accomplish and that the odds are in your favor. In this talk, David highlights this core principle of magic and explains how we can all apply this outside of the box thinking. David reveals the inner workings of how magic works in the mind of the audience. How can we all see more possibilities in this world of reality?

TEDx North Adams
Performing Magic with Actor Hayden Summerall and Singer Bad Zach

Beyond the Magic: What Actually Amazes People

It is a wonderful experience to perform magic for celebrities, famous singers and actors. But going even beyond than just the performance, David manages to build emotional bonds and captivate them so much that they become friends and follow David on social media. In this talk, David explains his unique performance approach. By using magic as a vehicle instead of as an end product, David is able to connect with his audience and build lasting relationships.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Creating Social Impact and the Magic of Reciprocation

There was a time when David visited a regional jail and gave all the inmates there a free magic show. Afterwards, David left each of them his business card, so that they can contact him when they get out of jail. Another time when David spent an hour performing magic free for a group of homeless travelers, then decided to spend an afternoon to perform magic on the streets to raise money for them. How can we do what we love doing for those that need the most help? By helping others, David explains that it is also helping yourself in the long-run. David tells the many stories of how he used magic to help those in need, and they needed up helping him later on.

“What the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow.”

Performing Magic with Inmates in a Jail